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Dealer Source Group & Elite Training Solutions USMMP a company in the automotive Industry that has combined many of the best award winning sales, service, BDC, Internet and F&I trainers with the most advanced automotive digital technologies. Classes are all interactive with your team members giving them the knowledge to take it to the next level so they can return back to department energized and hungry to master their job responsibilities. In any business we know that the (3) P must be adhered to People, Processes and Product. In our Industry turnover of personnel is extremely too high. Employees find out quickly that they are not receiving the coaching support or tools to master their job duties. So they ultimately FIRE THE DEALERSHIP and find another dealership or career path. Your manufacturer can and always will handle the Product and all of the support from the region or zone to assist you with best practices as they see it. Where most dealerships struggle year end and year out are working effectively with their People and having the correct processes in place for them to follow.

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